Tamara Face Farting in Yoga Pants! (Join our OnlyFans)

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Smell you later |

I would love to smell your farts
You Beautiful looking thing

Don’t Call Me Late For Dinner |

By the way your ass is Beautiful
& I would love to smell that fart .
But I would really love to smell your fart & smoke me ice pipe
At the same time
So smelling your beautiful fart &
Smoking my ice pipe at the same time would be really really
Nice you know if I had someone in my life like you where I could sniff your farts & smoke my ice
At the same time my life would be perfect because every time I smoke my pipe I watch your videos & something without smoking my pipe I would love to just be able to smell your beautiful ass & if I could ever smell your farts & smoke my pipe at the same time I would pay for that $$$$ 100precent
Or just to be able to sniff your panties with your fart smell in them & smoke my pipe would be very appreciated but love your work wish I could be him if you ever want to sack him & get another person to do his job all you have to do is drop me a line ok
Thank you